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CPU comparison Mstar VS Amlogic - Dangbei

CPU comparison Mstar VS Amlogic

Smart projector CPU comparison: Mstar VS Amlogic   Recently, more and more TV and projector brands use Amlogic T972-H chips. So we'd like to list some differences between these two brands. Such as CPU comparison, GPU comparison, and so on. Here we use two tables to help you make it clear. One is CPU comparison another is GPU comparison.  The Amlogic T972 chip uses a quad-core Cortex-A55 architecture, and GPU is upgraded from Mali-G31, supporting the latest OpenGL ES 3.2 and Vulkan 1.1 API.   Below you can find a comparison of...
by Dangbei on July 16, 2021
Analysis of Two Types of Smart Projector Keystone Correction - Dangbei

Analysis of Two Types of Smart Projector Keystone Correction

Analysis of Two Types of Smart Projector Keystone Correction We will find the picture is trapezoidal during the time to use the smart projector. which is requires us to use the keystone correction function to bring the picture back to normal. Although the smart projector has the keystone correction function in basically. But according to the survey shows a lot of people confusing about What benefits does it bring us and when should we use it. In other words. It is necessary to use every function when we using a...
by DangBei on July 15, 2021
How to choose the home projector - Dangbei

How to choose the home projector

With the rise of big-screen home entertainment, a smart home projector is increasingly showing its value. Think of the scenes that make you excited:   l Family and friends get together for a cinema-like viewing moment l A birthday party filled with Popcorn and googling of kids l Cheering and shouting for Sporting events or immersive large-game   These are the warmest images that remain in our memories, along with our busy lives. To start a fantastic experience at home, then how to pick a home projector that is right for you based...
by DangBei on July 14, 2021
Home theater projector for gaming - Dangbei

Home theater projector for gaming

Home theater projector for gaming   With the rapid change of large-screen home entertainment technology, smart home theater projectors come into people's lives and enable gaming enthusiasts no longer enough to satisfy the traditional screens. Nothing more device offers a better immersive experience than a smart theater projector which provides a more realistic skin color, hair, and the texture of clothing, even more, than our own.  Here are 4 tips we need to bear in mind when we picking a smart theater projector.   Image processing ability The 120-inch screen of...
by DangBei on July 14, 2021

What’s the smart projector?

What’s the smart projector? With the development of economy and science, technology, the improvement of living standards, a growing number of leading-edge products are bringing more great positive effects on our life. For example, the smart projector has to improve our way of life. But what is a smart projector?  A smart projector is the latest generation of portable devices that combine your mobile device, network, and streaming content to provide the best experience. It's easy to carry out and convenient for outdoor parties. And allow you to enjoy the open-air...
by DangBei on July 14, 2021