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The group standard of 'LED Smart Projector Technical Specifications' in China

On 3rd September,China Video Industry association(CVIA) issued the first group standard of 'LED Smart Projector Technical Specifications'. The standard was protocoled by the Public Information Display(PID)Branch and Hangzhou Dangbei Network Technology Co., Ltd. The standard also invited some technical experts, consulting agencies, suppliers and channel vendors in the industry such as XGIMI, JMGO, O.B.E, MagicProjector,TI, JD, etc. to participated in the formulation. 'LED Smart Projector Technical Specification' provides specifications and instructions from product description, technical requirements, test methods, etc., As well as the first time precise definition and performance requirements for...
by Dangbeion September 08, 2021
Dangbei Z1 Pro Wins A' Design Award For Its Latest Smart TV Box. - Dangbei

Dangbei Z1 Pro Wins A' Design Award For Its Latest Smart TV Box.

At present,the 2021 A' Design Award and Competition winners were officially announced. There winners are come from 108 countries and 104 different design area. Among them, Dangbei smart tv box Z1 Pro won the A'Design Bronze Award in the Video Broadcasting Equipment Design category for its avant-garde industrial design and novel product concept. This is the second time when Dangbei Z1 Pro won an international award after the German Red Dot Award and the IAI Global Design Award. A' Design Award and Competition is the World’s largest, most prestigious and...
by Dangbeion September 05, 2021