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Dangbei Z1 Pro Wins A' Design Award For Its Latest Smart TV Box.

by Dangbei on September 05, 2021

At present,the 2021 A' Design Award and Competition winners were officially announced. There winners are come from 108 countries and 104 different design area. Among them, Dangbei smart tv box Z1 Pro won the A'Design Bronze Award in the Video Broadcasting Equipment Design category for its avant-garde industrial design and novel product concept. This is the second time when Dangbei Z1 Pro won an international award after the German Red Dot Award and the IAI Global Design Award.

A' Design Award and Competition is the World’s largest, most prestigious and influential design accolade, the highest achievement in design. A' Design Award Winner symbolizes exceptional design excellence in products, projects or services.
Dangbei Smart Box (Dangbei Z1 Pro) which is the winner of the A' Design Award and Competition in 2021. It is a highly subversive home entertainment device launched by Dangbei in 2021. It integrates OTT function, voice assistant, microphone array and AI camera into one. Any old TV can be turned into a smart screen in a second, opening the door of smart life for the majority of users.

Dangbei Z1 Pro is equipped with Amlogic A311D artificial intelligence chip, 4GB+64GB super-large storage, supports 8K decoding, compatible with HDR 10, HDR 10+, HLG and other dynamic decoding standards, clear picture details, rich and delicate layers of light and dark, built-in HIFI decoding chip, Supported by Viper sound, up to 7.1 channels of home theater audio output are supported. At the same time, gigabit fiber, HDMI 2.1, USB3.0, S/PDIF fiber interface, etc., help users embrace AI life in all aspects.

We are constantly pursuing innovation Dangbei

For the functions, The Dangbei Z1 Pro is infinitely extended on the basis of the traditional TV box. With the cooperation of a 2K super hd beauty camera, it can easily realize many innovative functions such as multi-person video call, family motion sensing game, far-field voice control, full-scene gesture interaction and so on. Thanks to the Dangbei OS independently developed by Dangbei, Z1 Pro has been enhanced with continuous updates of many functions, such as floating window painting in picture, wonderful movie preview, desktop DIY, customized football game, multi-task switch, remote home watching message, dynamic video wallpaper, magic on the same screen and so on. What should the home entertainment scene look like in 2021? The Dangbei Wisdom Box Z1 Pro may be the answer.