Dangbei projector sales soared, ranking 2nd among Chinese projector brands

by Chelsea . on November 22, 2021

With the increasing development of projectors industry, a variety of brands have joined the home projection market. Under the unprecedented fierce competition, the research and development of various innovative technologies has also brought fresh blood to the market.

Dangbei projectors market sales surpassed JMGO for the first time

Currently, the scale of the home projection market has maintained a significantly faster growth rate. According to the report "China Smart Projection Retail Market Annual Tracking" released by Loto Technology, the sales volume of China's smart projection market (excluding laser TV) reached 4.803 million units in 2021, up 29.0% year-on-year, and the market sales volume reached 11.61 billion yuan, up 32.2% year-on-year.

According to the latest report by Loto Technology, in January 2022, the TOP3 brands in the smart projection industry in terms of sales volume - XGIMI, Dangbei and JMGO - had market shares of 38.5%, 11.3% and 9.4% respectively. Among them, Dangbei, as a major brand in the market, grew 62.0% year-on-year, overtaking JMGO, which is the perennial No. 2 in the industry, for the first time, and ranking second only to XGIMI.

Focus on technology innovation

In terms of intelligent technology, except for the intelligent screen alignment, intelligent obstacle avoidance and keystone correction, thanks to the breakthrough of OSRAM light source technology and the application of laser light source technology, the BRIGHTNESS upgrade trend is obvious.

In the face of the rapid iteration of many products in the market, Dangbei projectors have become the benchmark for the industry with the successive launch of projection products that have won the favor of users. Among them, the brand's products DangbeiF5 and DangbeiNEW F3 have become the hottest selling models on the internet at the beginning of their launch, thanks to their high configuration and high cost performance. Dangbei laser projector X3(Dangbei Mars Pro is the upgraded version of Dangbei X3) innovatively introduced laser light source into the home microprojector, occupying the largest share in the high brightness projection market.

Dangbei laser projector X3 has been the number one selling item in the important activity nodes. It continues to rank at the front of the industry despite severe shortages.

Dedication to high quality innovation

Dangbei projectors are positioned in the middle and high-end market. A number of products have quickly gained a firm foothold in the market with outstanding advantages. In just three years, the brand has quickly made its way to the head of the Chinese market, surpassing well-known brands such as JMGO and Xiaomi. The excellent product configuration, outstanding software system and diverse promotion methods have enabled Dangbei projectors to maintain the number one sales growth among mainstream brands for three years, and Dangbei has leapt to become the fastest growing brand in the current smart projection market. At the same time, the unique design concept and experience function of Dangbei products have been recognized by international authorities. Its flagship products, including Dangbei Laser Projector X3, have won many international awards, including the 2021 German IF Design Award, the 2021 IAI Design Award, and the 2021 Italian A’ Award, successfully setting a model for the industry.

Currently, 5G is being widely used. Large-screen cultural experience has become mainstream. Screenlessness is the trend of the future. Under this premise, the intelligent projection market, which is developing at a fast pace, is facing a broader prospect. In the face of the rapid development of the industry, Dangbei has already gained a head start in the market, the brand adheres to a higher level, deeper and wider range of quality innovation so that it has greater development possibilities.Under this premise, the intelligent projection market, which is developing at a fast pace, is facing a broader prospect. In the face of the rapid development of the industry, Dangbei has already gained a head start in the market. The commitment to higher, deeper, and broader quality innovation allows Dangbei to go for greater development possibilities.