Dangbei wins "Most Trusted New Brand of the Year Award" from JD

by Chelsea . on December 29, 2021

At present, young people are gradually becoming the driving force of the consumer market, which brings new circles and new preferences for new categories of the market provides a new opportunity. Major brands are also constantly seeking breakthroughs and launching many emerging products to meet diversified consumer needs. Given this market environment, Dangbei was awarded the "2021 Most Trusted Emerging Brand Award" by JD for its innovative brand dynamics.

Officially, JD Hi Cube is the first launch position of new products at JD.com, which meets the needs of all kinds of "newcomer" consumption with its youthful, off-shelf form that leads the future consumption trend. Since the birth of its hardware products, Dangbei has been focusing on the actual needs of users, digging deeper into product functions, and constantly developing innovations. The new products launched this year, such as laser projection and smart box, are empowered with outstanding strength for the platform's new products, and its brand has also gained the trust of users and the platform by virtue of its vigor in actively seeking new ideas.

The data from the "2021 JD Hi Cube Mid-Year New Product Consumption Trend Report" shows that, new brands have become an influential growth driver, and new product updates and iterations are becoming a booster for upgrading consumer demand. The report shows that keywords such as "atmosphere" and "smart" have become hot spots for users to choose products, representing that young people are more interested in the vibe scene in their lives when pursuing happiness. At the same time, the share of products representing new technology in the consumer base is gradually increasing, especially the use of black technology.

Dangbei laser projector X3 is a representative of innovative products. Its unique laser light source and 300-inch giant screen and other superior configuration allow young users to achieve an "atmosphere" experience of home theater. The unique product advantages will continue to win the favor of users. The data shows that the Dangbei laser projector X3 has continuously dominated the projection ranks in the major consumer nodes at JD.com, and has steadily ranked first in the industry in terms of projection single product sales.

In addition to the projector, TV boxes represented by Dangbei Smart Box Z1 Pro also stand firm in the numerous new products. Dangbei Smart Box Z1 Pro overturns the tradition by integrating AI perception, AI application and AI system, which makes the function of TV box infinitely extended and realizes the intelligent upgrade of traditional TV.

At present, Dangbei product ecology mainly consists of Dangbei software, Dangbei self-researched hardware and DangbeiOS system to form a closed loop. Since 2019, Dangbei has been committed to product development and innovation. With the precise positioning of the market and the excellent strength of the products, Dangbei is bringing more new consumer experiences to the market and users.

With the accelerated development of new consumption, the industry perspective has also ushered in more opportunities and challenges. In the future, Dangbei will also further explore in the field of large screen. While enhancing the brand strength, we will constantly adjust the brand ecological strategy to inject more fresh blood into the intelligent large screen and add new impetus to the consumer upgrade.