Who We Are

As a premium provider of smart large-screen services, Dangbei specializes in designing and developing software matrix, operating systems, smart projectors and more. Dangbei’s mission is to bring an extraordinary audio-visual experience on large screens to its customers - through diverse, versatile and innovative products.

Two brands of the Dangbei Group - Dangbei and Emotn - are dedicated to developing projectors that meet a wide range of needs. Whether it's a high-performance Dangbei projector or a practical Emotn projector, providing clear images, true colors and excellent sound is always what we pursue and value.

Founded in 2013, Dangbei was first started as a TV network platform, to fulfill the growing market demands, it then released diversified software and apps in the following years.
From 2016, Dangbei has since developed into a large-screen operating system provider, its clients include the World’s leading tech companies such as Sony, LG, and more.
In 2018, Dangbei started the journey of smart projector designing and development, and launched its 1st projector in the next year.
Dangbei has now grown to be a leading large-screen home entertainment brand, with over 200 million global users. Dangbei Market is the TOP 1 large-screen application store in China, with an 80% market share. In less than 4 years, Dangbei has firmly established its position as the Top 3 Chinese projector brand.
Honors of Dangbei

Good products bring honor. Continuous refinement and elaboration of products and technologies have gained Dangbei numerous international design and innovation awards, including the world's 4 major industrial design awards---IAI Design Award, Reddot Design Award, Good Design, and A' Design Award.

Business Line
In the new era of diversified entertainment, people's demand for intelligent home entertainment is gradually increasing, and the Dangbei projector is therefore born. The main products include Dangbei projectors and Dangbei Smart Box. Dangbei Mars Pro is a bright star among Dangbei products. Dangbei Projector focuses on developing multi-functional smart projectors with high brightness and clarity to empower the true realization of home theater. While Dangbei Smart Box is dedicated to empowering traditional TVs and turning them into smart screens in seconds.
User Terminal

Products for users, brand by users. Dangbei has always pursued the idea of starting from users' needs and continuously improving users' shopping experience. After the purchase of the product, we provide a 1-year warranty, 15 days returnable, and refundable after-sales service for quality problems.