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Good Design Award Winner in 2021: Dangbei Z1 Pro Smart TV Box

by Dangbei on October 21, 2021

Good Design Award Winner in 2021: Dangbei Z1 Pro Smart TV Box

On October 20, 2021, the Good Design Award issued an announcement of GOOD DESIGN GRAND AWARD 2021. Dangbei Z1 Pro smart TV box is also in the outline of Good Design Award winners.

Dangbei Z1 Pro smart box is comprised of an AI steam box and wireless microphone array. Furnished with a wide-angle camera and a powerful AI chip, AI steam box and wireless microphone array set with a wireless hi-fi microphone jointly ensure video rid of fuzzy images, clearer far-distance pickup, and more timely human-machine interaction.

This is the fourth design award for Dangbei Z1 Pro TV box. I’d like to say, this is the best TV streaming box. Not only the design but also the product function and manufacture. From the material to product and packing, Dangbei takes great pains with every single detail.

This exemplifies Dangbei's commitment to making its product design an integral aspect of the user experience, regardless of product type and price.

After the red dot award, AI design, We are glad that Dangbei's product has been awarded such recognition from Good Design Award. Gain more and more person and organization recognition are all our appreciation, we would be paying more attention to our product and pay more attention to users experience, design more and more best smart TV device.